Bring the Heroin Home (for Dr. W.)

The scent of perfume sickens me I can’t go out in crowds
I have trouble walking now, I travel in a car
But the hardest thing for me to see is the sorrow in their eyes
As they watch their youngest one kept hopelessly alive
So I say bring the heroin home

I used to have my own plans, now I have just one
I used to have my own dreams now songs won’t be sung
I spend my days inside a room where people come and go
Friends of mine to say goodbye and doctors that don’t know
That I say bring the heroin home

I need all my power to go gently over the edge
I want that final hour to pass without dread
I know it’s hard to agree to give the drug away
But if you saw my parents’ eyes or felt the pain I feel today
You’d say bring the heroin home

Please bring the heroin home… home….home…


~ Musicians ~
Maja Bannerman: Acoustic Guitar, Lead and Supporting Vocals
Penner McKay: Drums, Percussion
Herb Nelson: Organ
Jonathan Earp: Guitar
James Brown: Bass