There are miniscule and gargantuan efforts, time and love that go into the creating of art and the so very rich moments of a life….these are the people who have made a difference with this specific project in varying ways and means…


~ In Historical Order of Appearance ~

Lloyd & Leah Bannerman

Guy, Christopher & Jonathon

Janice Manchee

Lorraine Prentice

Rusty McCarthy

Colleen Flood

Debbie Harris

Gregory Sperry (in abstentia)

Jonathan Earp

Marian White Bannerman

Leith Hayman

James Brunswick

Gerda Molson

Shelagh Wallace

Lous Oort

Deborah Legge

Sara Byers

Sylvia Wyatt

Kirk Scott

Tessa Oort

Nell Chitty

Peter Wing

Nikki Prudden