Signs of Life

Held up your shirt today, pressed right against my face
The scent of you was gone, not the slightest trace
And then I took up your last cigarette I’d tucked away for years
Placed it between my lips to try and summon you here

These signs of life they are a treasure trove… yet these signs of life must go

I listen to the Schubert songs, the last music you heard
And though they always make me cry I know they are the cure
I sleep in the bed you made, I remember your caress
Now my dreams have rearranged I pray your soul’s at rest

I have something I must tell you. Are you there, are you listening?

Held up a new shirt today, pressed right against my face
There was the scent of him and our passionate embrace
And then I held the cup to my lips where his lips just had been
He serves the sweetest drink, Oh to love again….

These signs of life

I pick up your photograph; the wind and rain bang and howl outside
I think now I’ve told you everything including …goodbye

Ah these signs of life, they are a treasure trove.


~ Musicians ~
Maja Bannerman: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Rusty McCarthy; Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Doug Wilde: Piano, Strings
Mark Gough: Drums
Cheryl Montgomery: Supporting Vocals
Britta Wolfert: Supporting Vocals