Just a Kiss

He looks at every girl with more than a passing glance
He’s already in love; he’s not searching for romance.
I ask my big brother, “What’s the meaning of this? How is man made to think a kiss is just a kiss?”
Just a kiss…

I try to look at every man with more than a passing glance
Sometimes I wonder why we women bother to take the chance
I tell my big brother, “It seems like such a risk to place your lips on another if a kiss is just a kiss.”
Just a kiss….
Yes, I have a lover and it’s said that he has “glad eyes”.
I never knew what it meant til I went to the city and walked by his side
And in the gallery, the restaurant and the show
Women leaned in the doorways, blocked our path just to let him know
They would give….or take… Just a kiss

Now I have to consider did I just give myself away
Have I just made a blunder by loving in haste
I tell my big brother, “Let me cry and hold my hand.”
I need the touch of another… my brother… he’s a friend, a man.
It was just a kiss

Just a kiss…


~ Musicians ~
Maja Bannerman: Lead Vocal
Rusty McCarthy: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards
Doug Wilde: Piano
Mark Gough: Drums
Cheryl Montgomery: Supporting Vocals
Britta Wolfert: Supporting Vocals