Ode to Venus

Venus you tricked me, you fed me lies, lead me down the garden path,
The moonlit path, rose-strewn path.
Venus, I’m talking to you, I’ve got a bone to chew
You cut my grass, sure now you laugh
Step outside; I’ve got something for you!

Whoa! Look at that moon, would you?
Whoa-oh….oh, it looks so full, what a moon!

Venus, don’t fool around, I’m serious put me down
We gotta talk, I’m gonna walk, re-arrange our deal, change your spiel.
You promised me a man to love, a wedding cake, two turtledoves…
You didn’t say your spell might go berserk!
You promised that he’d love me true in spite of red hair and only one eye blue
But you didn’t stop at one…. but sent me two!

Aiiiyiyiiiyai, Whoa-oh….oh, look at that moon would you? Would you?
It looks so full, what a moon!

Venus, stay where you are good and far, you’re not even a star
And I’m not going to make a wish on you.
In my next life I’ll change my plight, have no strife
Cause I just might be born under the sign of Mars.
I’ll probably live in bars, smoke a lot but I’ll stay away from Camelot
Cause now I know your tricks on the heart
You promised someone just for me and now you sent one…two… and three!!!!
And now I’ve got to thank my lucky stars!

Aiiiyiyiiiyai! Look at that moon….would you? And would you? And you?
Whoa what a moon. Heh-heh
It must be June… (What should I do?)
Look at that moon! (Who should I choose?)
I think I’ll swoon!
It must be June. Look at that moon. I think I’ll swoon.
None too soon!


~ Musicians ~
Maja Bannerman: Lead Vocal
Rusty: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Supporting Vocals
Accordion: Matt Horner
Mark Gough: Drums
Cheryl Montgomery: Supporting Vocals
Britta Wolfert: Supporting Vocals