Call Me (But Only If You Want To)

Call me on the phone, tell me to come home
The hotel sheets are cold and I don’t want to be alone
I didn’t mean to walk out that way,
I wasn’t trying to say goodbye
I just needed some kind of holiday ~
the way you’re always messing up my mind.

It’s the way you pick me up and then you put me down
It’s hard to keep my head up, you know and my two feet on the ground
Oh everybody is advising me, Lorraine she says I’m a fool
For loving you the way I do and letting you make all the rules.

You’ve been seen downtown making the rounds
While I sit in my hotel room trying to calm myself down
But everybody wants to tell me what you’ve been doing at nights. Ha!
I don’t want to hear about it, I just want you to…
Call me please….

Look, I don’t care where you’ve been, I don’t care who you’ve been with
I just want to talk with you; you’re as close to love as I’ve been yet
Call me on the phone
Call me on the phone …
Call me but only if you want to
Ah, please call me!


~ Musicians ~

Maja Bannerman: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Rusty McCarthy: Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Supporting Vocals
Eugene Gassi: Saxophones
Mark Gough: Drums
Cheryl Montgomery: Supporting Vocals
Britta Wolfert: Supporting Vocals